Every so often I write a blog post about having nothing to say. It looks like that time of year again. But it feels different this time. Rightly or wrongly I perceive blogging as an activity that is being buried by shorter forms of social media and I don’t have the drive to blog anymore.

We, the sponsors

Someone raised a point on a singer’s fan club forum recently. (I won’t tell you the singer’s name because I’ve banged on about her long enough now.) Why aren’t fans allowed to meet their music heroes backstage?

Dusseldorf part 2

So it all boils down to tonight. I’ll probably write part 2 on Sunday and you’ll either hear about my Damascene conversion and splurging on tickets for December’s show, or all my future holidays being confined exclusively to the north west of England. (Chris Harrison, July 6th 2018)


If you remember my blog post from last year describing my travel phobia you’re probably thinking did he do it? Did he break the hoodoo?


Originally posted on TotenUniverse:
I won’t be calling it Walpurgisnacht next year. In its modern incarnation its origins are Christian. Like Halloween, there’s a lot of devilry, but look closely and you’ll spot the witches on top of the bonfires, not dancing around them. (banner photo Heidelberger Thingstätte by AndreasF) Statue of St Walburga in…

Walpurgisnacht Competition

Originally posted on TotenUniverse:
April 30th was a significant date in the calendar for northern European witches, mainly in Germany and Holland. On Walpurgisnacht witches would be drawn to the summit of the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz mountains. And Walpurgisnacht seems to be the right moment to make changes to the TotenUniverse.…

Is this the end?

That sounds a bit apocalyptic, but I’m referring to the book sales. I have a plan that involves withdrawing all the ebooks from sales channels, offering them for free from the website and making money from other product lines. Does this sound like a plan?


This might be one of the more personal blog posts I’ve written, so don’t be surprised if I delete it! I have a small confession to make.

I hate formatting

All self-published authors will know that a finished manuscript can’t be published until it’s been formatted. Simple, says the layperson, it’s the 21st Century. What could possibly go wrong?

Compulsive Writing

I once abandoned a novel after running out of steam. It was 2002 or thereabouts and I never thought I’d write another one. Now, if I don’t write something every day I shake like a man totally wired on espresso.

What’s In A Name?

Storm Brian battered Britain this weekend. I didn’t think Brian’s were capable of such fury, but it proves the Met Office are trying to con us into thinking that deadly storms are our benevolent friends.

Where to begin?

What do you do when you’re flush with money from the sale of four ebooks (total royalties earned £5.12) and you’ve just finished the sixth novel of the TotenUniverse? You write a blog post.