My secret ‘admirer’

A quick update on the him/her/it who seems to have access to everything except my car keys.

I’m now being inundated with spam offering to redesign the logo of the TotenUniverse. Strange considering the TotenUniverse doesn’t have a logo. Toten Herzen, yes. Malandanti, yes, Alien Noise Corporation, yes, but not the TotenUniverse.

Maybe I should take them up on their offer and meet them face to face for a briefing session. Whoever the spammers are they’ve linked my everyday email address to my author name and the TotenUniverse series title, and I can’t think where all three exist together. Not Amazon, not WordPress, the domain name registration is anonymous so they can’t have done a Whois look-up.

It must be him/her/it.

I’ve decided that by keeping this public it will make it harder for them to assassinate me. You’ll know this has happened if one of my blog posts ends in mid-sente…..

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