Give the spam some daylight

Just received this bit of help, so thought I’d respond. (My words in red…)

I have checked your website (no you haven’t) and i’ve found some duplicate content (no, you did not because there isn’t any), that’s why you don’t rank high in google (I don’t rank high in Google for a million and one reasons, none of them to do with what you’ve just said),
but there is a tool that can help you to create 100% unique articles (yes, it’s called the human brain and I’ve already got one thanks), search for; Boorfe’s tips unlimited content (I just did and it led me to the Centre for the Restoration of Christian Culture. You didn’t tell me God was on your side.)

To be fair I did do a search for Boorfe who is selling software that, in the words of one commentator, is an amazing tool for content stealers. So there you are, Mr Boorfe. Copy that, red bits an’ all.

8 thoughts on “Give the spam some daylight

  1. Not only blogs but some non-blog sites using wordpress are attacked by b*orfe lol. My campus journalism club is recently attacked by b*orfe and the comment was hold up by moderation system.

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