ANC TotenUniverse

No one knows the true barycentre of the TotenUniverse. The band are only part of a wider growing European conspiracy. You can explore further details of this conspiracy and Alien Noise Corporation’s future plans and releases.


Click the image to see the TotenUniverse in detail. As universes go the image is quite large, and best viewed in landscape mode…


We Are Toten Herzen
C Harrison
(published 2013 Alien Noise Corporation)

The first book of the Totenseries, and the opening salvo in the official account of the band’s comeback. Murdered in 1977, discovered alive in 2013. The story of the rock band who refused to die and how one music journalist, Rob Wallet, orchestrated the greatest comeback in the history of rock music.

“Not exactly the sort of people you’d want to upset though.” The finance director read from a memo: “Band members suspected of killing their own manager, suspected of killing the head of their own record label, suspected of killing the person suspected of killing them!”

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Toten Herzen Malandanti
C Harrison
(published 2014 Alien Noise Corporation)

The second book of the Totenseries follows the band’s return to the studio to record their first album since 1977. Hoping for privacy, the band endure litigation, Rob Wallet’s increasing madness and a powerful coven of witches from Bamberg looking for a book owned by lead singer Dee Vincent.

“There’s nothing sinister.”

“Really? Nothing sinister? You think there’s nothing sinister. Well, there’s a turn up. A group of vampires throw four dead bodies off Striding Edge and a coven tries to smother Rob after nearly crushing him to death next to Coniston. If none of that is sinister we live in troubled times.”

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6 who among us v1Who Among Us…
C Harrison
(published 2015 Alien Noise Corporation)

Disowned by her family and deranged by anger, Jennifer Enzo views the world as a demonic garden, a film script and a list of names to be assassinated. But when she finds her own name on the list she is forced out of her insular world to counter a sinister threat to her life.

Professor Virginia Bruck’s world is divided between her research in artificial intelligence and posing for her husband, the eccentric German artist Earnst Bruck. Suspected of being the source of a destructive rumour she decides to do what her semi-aristocratic family have never done throughout centuries of rumour, and fight back.

Frieda Schoenhofer, a self-made millionaire, is determined to explain the death of a local witch. Police are equally determined to explain a baffling double murder and Frieda becomes their first suspect after the body of a man is found hung above the north door of Bamberg Cathedral.

All three women share a common association: the Malandanti, a four hundred year old network of covens on the brink of collapse following rumours of a plot to kill the leading members. As the conflict intensifies and the familiar world disappears, they will be forced to reassess their own ambitions, confront the nature of guilt and innocence, and question how their beliefs explain the supernatural forces they each control.

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8 the one rule of magic v1The One Rule of Magic
C Harrison
(published 2015 Alien Noise Corporation)

Frieda Schoenhofer is dead, murdered in Rotterdam. For her grief-stricken parents the true story of their daughter’s life is about to begin.

Her father, slowly demolishing the world around him, tries to eradicate painful memories by throwing out his lifelong collection of film memorabilia. Her mother is convinced Frieda has been reincarnated as a new born foal.

But Frieda isn’t dead. She is travelling Europe hoping to rescue her father’s discarded collection. A journey of redemption that takes her to Nice, Prague, Turin and Vienna, where she meets a crooked dealer in antique silverware, joins a funeral party full of mourners who can’t stop laughing, falls in love with a beautiful marionette, and discovers a plan to destroy the legacy of Mozart.

The One Rule of Magic explores Frieda’s attempts to make amends for the crimes of her old life, come to terms with what she has become, and prepare her parents for the bizarre truth surrounding their daughter’s disappearance –

“Hi, my name’s Frieda Schoenhofer and I would like to speak to Signore Sbarriota.”

“How did you get in here?”

“I flew here.” I think the joke was lost in translation, but the truth was even more absurd.

The housekeeper struggled for an answer. “You can’t have flown in here. Who are you?”

“I just said. Frieda Schoenhofer. I’ve travelled from Germany to meet Signore Sbarriota. He has something he wants to sell me.”

“Wait there.” She slammed the door in my face.

Tall ground floor windows grew out of laurel hedges around the base of the walls. To one side of the entrance I noticed a room and a man dressing. He was in a hurry to pull on a black jacket and fasten a black tie. The housekeeper entered the room and spread a note of confusion into the preparations of the man I assumed to be Sbariotta. He turned to the window. I smiled and waved at him.

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3-there-will-be-blood---v1There Will Be Blood
C Harrison
(published 2016 Alien Noise Corporation)

A world tour, a rival band and Rob Wallet sacked. Follow Toten Herzen as they tour the world promoting the Malandanti album, experience the riots and the arson, the meltdown and the inevitable meeting with a familiar threat.

…Buenos Aires slept peacefully and twenty-four hours later Scavinio received confirmation: Mendoza was on.

Mendoza should have known better. The riot broke out at Gate 9 when a fan became separated from his crocodile. He wanted it back, he wanted to take it in with him. (Its name was Hugo and it had a ticket.) Security refused. Bystanders offered to retrieve it. These helpful bystanders became a grumpy mob, the grumpy mob turned into an angry crowd and thirty minutes later Hugo had been forgotten, a reptilian catalyst for another night of unrestrained TotenViolence.

The band waited backstage, counting the firecrackers, following the rush of footsteps around the stadium’s perimeter, anticipating another fleet of sirens as the entirety of Mendoza’s riot police division was called into action. Two hours passed before a safe corridor could be created for staff to leave the stadium. Once they were gone the real fight began.


4-behind-the-wall---v1Toten Herzen: Behind the Wall

Four bodies in a bricked up basement are discovered by builders. The bodies of three women and a man found in a house that once belonged to the owner of Toten Herzen’s record label.


5-the-book-of-revelation---Toten Herzen: The Book of Revelation

Book five of the Totenseries. After several years of turmoil, investigation and recriminations, the story of the band’s comeback concludes with the final answer to the question: who are Toten Herzen?

7 lords of misrule v1

Lords of Misrule

The second Malandanti novel continues the aftermath of book one, Who Among Us…

9 necromancy v1


Frieda Schoenhofer’s attempts to raise the dead.

10 seven questions v1

Seven Questions

Frieda Schoenhofer confronts the seven questions that govern life and the nature of existence.



The final novel of the TotenUniverse gathers together the band, the Malandanti, and Frieda Schoenhofer to conclude the nature of conspiracy, life and the nature of good and evil.




From Belarus and Russia, read accounts of the metal band and arch rivals to Toten Herzen, There Will Be Blood (version 2). A world of organised crime, murder, extortion and the front created by one music manager

11 kalash kontracts v1

Back at the hotel in Kensington we held a post-mortem.

“The deal was to kill them all,” I said.

“I know,” said Rob. “And that would have left you with a straightforward multiple murder. This way, the manager, the kingpin of a group of lunatics and nutcases, has the job of explaining who or what killed them all.”

His answer kept us quiet for a moment, but eventually the penny dropped. “Sort of makes sense,” I said.

“He’s the only witness now,” Rob said.


“People will be asking why was he allowed to live? How come he was the only survivor?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Sorry, why was he allowed to live?”

“I just fucking told you.”

“Sorry, yes, you did.”

Kalash Kontracts will be released after 2020!

Barbara ‘Raven’ Turkington, when she can get away from Toten Herzen, investigates the Venn Diagram overlap where paranormal phenomena meet quantum physics. Looking for the answers to why shit happens, Raven’s world turns to old friends and older nemeses in a series of reports planned for 2020  –

12 barbara raven v1

“Why are you called Raven if you have blue hair?”

“Because the only bird I know with blue hair or blue feathers is a peacock, and I’d sound a bit stupid calling meself Peacock, wouldn’t I.”

“I suppose so. . . .”

“Rob told me about blue tits, but that’s even worse.”

The Barbara Raven Mysteries will begin after the final Toten Herzen novel is released.

Beyond the event horizon that is Raven, the TotenUniverse is a vacuum of uncertainty. In the furnaces of far off constellations two further ideas bubble and ferment: Quarter Moon, a world where time overlaps leaving Medieval clans living amongst the philosophers of the Enlightenment watched over by clinical humans from far into the future.

And Henri the Storyteller; the post-War cartoonist whose hidden stash of satirical illustrations is discovered in a former Nazi warehouse in liberated France…

These ideas may see the light of day, or they may not.


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