Walpurgisnacht Competition

The April competion begins over at the best site on the interweb.


April 30th was a significant date in the calendar for northern European witches, mainly in Germany and Holland. On Walpurgisnacht witches would be drawn to the summit of the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz mountains.

And Walpurgisnacht seems to be the right moment to make changes to the TotenUniverse. You’ll find all the ebooks free to download from this website and the latest novel in the series, The Fine Art of Necromancy, is released on this auspicious night.

Find out about the books here.

Find out about the new novel here.

And so to the competition.

The prize is supplied by the Hex Box Shop and includes all manner of herbs and potions, candles and gems in an exquisite hand stained box. You can see more wonderful spell boxes and collections by clicking here… The Hex Box Shop on Etsy

To win the prize simply answer this question…

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