Capitalism must fail

Yes, there we are, I’ve stuck my head above the parapet and said something semi-political. Capitalism must not win.

But I’m not saying that because I’m a pinko-commie leftist Marxist-Leninist nutcase. It’s because the success of capitalism will make everyone rich, and if everyone’s rich there’ll be no spammers trying to sell us Viagra and cheap Nikes and fake Gucci handbags.

And without spam 80% of comments to this blog would stop. I like my spam, the weirdo in me enjoys the convoluted ways they use to promote stuff they’ve never heard of. The sadist in me relishes the desperate living conditions that drive these workshy waisters to redirecting their energy into get rich quick schemes instead of a more lucrative market stall selling batteries.

I wouldn’t normally bother you with all this unless there was a particularly entertaining effort to sell me an original Boston Red Sox hat, the quality of recent spam comments has been pretty low. Standards in the world of waisters appear to be slipping. But last week I received an intriguing comment that doesn’t appear to be spam. This is what it said:

I saw one of your books. You included the name Enaliziel. How do you know this name? Do not use this name again.

There are three possibilities. One, a work colleague is having me on. Likelihood – 2/10. None of them have read my books. Two, some religious fanatic thinks I’m blaspheming, which I’m not. Likelihood 5/10, but at least they read some of the book. Three, like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory, I’ve accidentally written about something someone wants to keep hidden. Likelihood – 0/10 because films are make believe.

I didn’t respond in case the email address was part of a phishing scam, but then on Friday I got a text message.

You didn’t tell me how you know the name Enaliziel.

This time I replied, ‘I made it up.’

I don’t believe you. Who are you?

I work part time at the beginning of the week, so I’ll find out tomorrow if the person in the office with the red face and shifty expression is behind the messages, but if they’re not I don’t know what to do next! They’ve got my phone number!

PS And on the subject of surveillance, I hope you’re all using adblocking plugins to get rid of the ads that disfigure these blog posts? (I notice WordPress now allows shit to appear at the top of the page over the banner image.)

AdBlockPlus with Element Hider stops it all.

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