Decent Writing Places

What makes a good writing cafe? Well, the one I’m sat in at the moment. Quiet, stylish, refined. Has a touch of class about it, which suits my status as a professional internationally acclaimed author. In fact, I should have worn my new watch, a Christmas present that sits on my wrist like something built … More Decent Writing Places

Plate Spinning

Men cannot multitask. Or so we’re told, but I have a simple method that allows me to multitask: I do one thing at a time. I call this serial multitasking, as opposed to parallel multitasking, which is what women do. (Allegedly.) But even I am starting to come unstuck. Serial multitasking has one fundamental flaw: … More Plate Spinning

Writing By Numbers

We all love a hero, don’t we? Well, I don’t. I don’t see the point. One of the reasons why I read very few novels is because they don’t interest me. They’re boring. They’re all the same. But so many people advise writers to read. Well, that’s great if you want to learn how to … More Writing By Numbers

A New Double Act

In The Lost Valley journalist Rob Wallet is still being asked to find Peter Miles, the alleged fifth band member who disappeared in 1973. Meanwhile Raven, still hoping Susan Bekker will turn her into a vampire, is growing more impatient by the day as her time on earth runs out (she’s nineteen). The pairing of … More A New Double Act