You take three voices into the shower?

How many lead singers does a band need? One? Two? Amaranthe have got three. That’s what I call covering the bases. Three singers. A male rock, a female pop, and a sort of growly male death metal one just to make sure no one mistakes them for Lady Gaga teeming up with Linkin Park. (I bet I’ve lost you now.)

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The Perfect Cult – Deathstars

I was saving this review for the magazine, but I’ll land on the moon before the magazine comes out, so here it is. In full. My latest discovery.

At the top of a futuristic tower a corporate Master of the Universe, armed with a couple of androgynous secretaries gets his comeuppance, courtesy of our pale faced loons in proto-Nazi uniforms. The bad versus the bad. Cue lots of gurning and psycho-grinning, writhing hands and a bit of thigh (a lot of thigh actually), and within a few seconds we are pitched into the high definition armageddon of All the Devil’s Toys.

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Oh To Be German

I’ve got a suspicion my fondness for all things German happened in 1979 when Barcelona defender Miguel successfully managed to kick an important Fortuna Dusseldorf player off the pitch during the opening minutes of the Cup Winners’ Cup final in Basel.

Johan Cruyff had retired, I’d eaten the last of the Edam and my peculiar juvenile leanings towards continental Europe began to shift. A sort of geopolitical wobble that landed on West Germany. But in spite of the excellence in organisation, engineering, Adidas and Puma, three World Cup finals and perfecting the bicycle kick, one thing Germany was not noted for: popular music.

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Three Dutch Bands

Early in 2012 I heard an album that was so good I offered to eat my own hands if anyone released anything better. Today, I’m typing this post with my fingers and not the tip of my nose, but it was a close thing…

The Album in question was The Quiet Resistance* by Dutch band Nemesea. Starting with a forbidding intro of less than a minute the album flings you into a whirlwind of sonic effects and melodic momentum. It was a rare moment, one of those opening songs that almost literally takes your breath away and the rest of the album continued in the same manner. Piling one hook on top of another, fresh ideas coming at you from all sides, but never moving away from a solid rock core.

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