Ads and Adblockers

I was in a shop recently, a real bricks-and-mortar high street shop. I bought a magazine and the shopkeeper said “no, it’s free.” Free? He pointed to the walls of his shop, floor to ceiling advertisements.

“Everything in the shop is free. My income comes from the adverts.”

“Good for you,” I said before realising the doors were locked. “I can’t get out.”

“No,” said the shopkeeper. “You can only go when you’ve looked at all the adverts.”

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Poll – How Do You View Social Media?

In recent months the debate has raged about ad blocking software. One of the arguments in favour of blocking ads is that they consume bandwidth and data allowances on smartphone contracts. It got me thinking, how many people view the internet on their phones?

I ask because this blog is ‘image heavy’ and probably quite cumbersome on a smartphone unless an app or preferences are used to turn off images or minimise them in some way. With this in mind can you say how you view the internet?

Which of these devises do you use the most to view social media?


Tablet PC

Laptop/PC at home or work

Some other device (eg quantum holographic media centre)