The TotenUniverse

No one knows the true barycentre of the TotenUniverse. The band are only part of a wider growing European conspiracy. You can now explore further details of this conspiracy and Alien Noise Corporation’s future plans and releases. Click the image to see the TotenUniverse in detail. As universes go the image is quite large, and … More The TotenUniverse

Toten Herzen Malandanti Extract – Rose Pursey

It’s summer, the female solo artists are coming into bud and causing the usual huffing and puffing as they struggle to maintain their relevence. I thought it an appropriate time to unleash an extract from Toten Herzen Malandanti featuring their litigious US nemesis Rose Pursey. In Malandanti, Pursey is suing Dee Vancent for libel and … More Toten Herzen Malandanti Extract – Rose Pursey

MetalMonth – Toten Herzen, fact or fiction? Pt. 1

In 1977 four members of the rock band Toten Herzen were murdered in London by Lenny Harper. Harper was only charged with wasting police time and the bodies disappeared. The killing of Toten Herzen is now one of the forgotten events of the decade, which is why in 2012 UK music journalist Rob Wallet decided … More MetalMonth – Toten Herzen, fact or fiction? Pt. 1

MetalMonth – author feature: Audrey Driscoll

As the weekend arrives I thought I’d feature an author whose work might be of interest to readers who listen to hard rock and visitors to Metal Month. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s reanimator, Herbert West, author Audrey Driscoll has created a series of books which reimagine the exploits of West. I’ll let the author explain. … More MetalMonth – author feature: Audrey Driscoll

MetalMonth – Tarja

Imagine you’re the proud parents of a girl who has grown up with a love of music and singing. You watch her evolve into a young woman who follows the path of the soprano. The concert halls of the world beckon: you’ll be jetting off to La Scala, Covent Garden, the New York Metro Then, … More MetalMonth – Tarja