Wheeler Dealers

Wander from the surfaced path of terrestrial television and you soon find your feet trudging through the quagmires of cable, satellite and freeview broadcasting. There are so many channels, and thanks to a quirk of the universe, twenty-four hours in the day. To any right-thinking person there simply isn’t enough content to fill the millions … More Wheeler Dealers

The Champions

There’s a Golden Age of television theme tunes, from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies, a time when the programme and the opening music became one in a perfect marriage. The Persuaders is a stand out theme, along with Van Der Valk, but there’s one more worth mentioning: The Champions. Written by Tony Hatch, who had … More The Champions

The Bridge

There was a time when Sweden’s reputation centred around Abba’s spangliness and Volvo’s lumpen reliability. And then a darkness befell the nation from which we ultimately tripped over The Bridge. To those who aren’t interested in trivia, when the Øresund Bridge was built, connecting Copenhagen in Denmark with Malmo in Sweden, it was the first … More The Bridge

Arthur Daley

This post was written a couple of days before the sad news of George Cole’s death. I hope this is a fitting tribute to the actor and his greatest character… There are few people whose names enter the lexicon of a language. If you hate the thought of spending money you’re a Scrooge. Block progress … More Arthur Daley

Anyone for Demis – How the World Invaded the Charts

If your idea of foreign pop is Sylvia singing Eviva Espana in 1973 then you’re in for a treat with this mind boggling cornucopia of old 45s from yesteryear. Sylvia, by the way, was about as Spanish as Scottish salmon; born Sylvia Vrethammar in Sweden, she was like the Hawaian singers who first hit the … More Anyone for Demis – How the World Invaded the Charts

The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig II with Dan Cruikshank

What must it be like to have so much money you can build your own fantasy world? I suppose the people who come closest to this dream are film directors like Peter Jackson or George Lucas who spend most of their adult lives immersed in a green screen universe of robots and goblins. In the … More The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig II with Dan Cruikshank


Jo doesn’t have whining music ten minutes from the end. But Jo is an ex-alcoholic drug user with marital issues. Dead wife, drugged up daughter and he’s a cop in a parallel universe Paris. Jo isn’t a science fiction cop show though. For some reason he seems to be the only French person in Paris. … More Jo

Continuum – Season 1

Remember Rachel Nichols in GI Joe? Clad in a one piece outfit full of hi-tech gadgetry? She’s here again in Continuum, clad in a one piece outfit full of hi-tech gadgetry. However, the producers cleverly disguise it as a two piece outfit with the lower half turning into a pair of trousers. And then the … More Continuum – Season 1

Simon Armitage – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

I first came across Simon Armitage on Radio 4 discussing his translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a medieval epic poem written by an unknown poet possibly from Derbyshire. Armitage allows me to boast about one of my two claims to fame: In the 1980s I worked with Norbert Hannett, father of Factory … More Simon Armitage – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight