A Call To Au4

Back in April I wrote this review of Au4’s second album And Down Goes the Sky. I’d like to do a catch up on Au4 for the 1st issue of Alien Noise magazine in January. (Yes, it’s gone from November to december to January.) Problem is, it’s a bit difficult to get in touch with … More A Call To Au4

Jake Thackray

If I mentioned the phrase folk music, you might think of bearded men with one finger stuck in their ear singing songs about wassailing, with lyrics like ‘Oi ‘ad one lassy in the dewsoaked ‘ay, and we went with a way and a hay ninny nonny…’ Jake Thackray wasn’t like that. Unbearded, fingers focussed on … More Jake Thackray

Oh To Be German

I’ve got a suspicion my fondness for all things German happened in 1979 when Barcelona defender Miguel successfully managed to kick an important Fortuna Dusseldorf player off the pitch during the opening minutes of the Cup Winners’ Cup final in Basel. Johan Cruyff had retired, I’d eaten the last of the Edam and my peculiar … More Oh To Be German

Why I Listen to Trance

At the risk of tempting fate I’m going to predict something: I’ll be struck by lightning before my brain falls to bits. Why? Because of euphoric trance. And before you start shouting ‘it’s uplifting trance, moron’ I couldn’t care less what you call it. I’m sticking with euphoric because uplifting trance sounds like a geological … More Why I Listen to Trance

Anyone for Demis – How the World Invaded the Charts

If your idea of foreign pop is Sylvia singing Eviva Espana in 1973 then you’re in for a treat with this mind boggling cornucopia of old 45s from yesteryear. Sylvia, by the way, was about as Spanish as Scottish salmon; born Sylvia Vrethammar in Sweden, she was like the Hawaian singers who first hit the … More Anyone for Demis – How the World Invaded the Charts

Three Dutch Bands

Early in 2012 I heard an album that was so good I offered to eat my own hands if anyone released anything better. Today, I’m typing this post with my fingers and not the tip of my nose, but it was a close thing… The Album in question was The Quiet Resistance* by Dutch band … More Three Dutch Bands

Cloclo – film review

Director Florent-Emilio Siri Jeremie Renier, Monica Scattini, Marc Barbe, Benoit Magimel, Sabrina Seyvecou, Maude Jurez, Josephine Japy, Ana Girardot When I was growing up in the 1970s culture was British. Yes, we would watch all the American imports on telly, but they spoke English. Columbo, Starsky and Hutch, David Cassidy and the Muppets, all indistinguishable … More Cloclo – film review