About Me

I could say something pithy and witty, but the odds of you being impressed by that are quite big, so I’ll keep it dull and prosaic instead.

I am Chris Harrison. (Landscape architect), writer, designer, sort-of-musician, and in the context of this blog, soothsayer, dictator and big cheese – or top banana if you’re a vegan.

11-chris-harrison-2But significantly, I am the Official Biographer (note the capital letters) of Toten Herzen, and visiting emeritus person for the band’s management entity Alien Noise Corporation. I write the books, conduct some of the interviews and generally channel Toten Herzen to where they need to be channelled.

The task of making sense of Toten Herzen and the world they inhabit has been given to me. Four novels are complete: We Are Toten Herzen and Toten Herzen Malandanti; a secondary novel about the Malandanti, Who Among Us…; and a secondary-secondary novella about the Bamberg witch Frieda Schoenhofer.

It’s a long haul. The work should last beyond 2021 by which time my writing arm will be several inches shorter than my left, I’ll probably suffer from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome and my eyesight will be a long cherished memory.

If you want to join me on this TotenJourney keep coming back to the blog for my own ranting and raving, reviews and, of course, news on all the comings and goings of Toten Herzen, the murdered rock band found alive; the Malandanti conspiracies; There Will Be Blood’s emerging status; and the quantum weirdness of Raven.

Or you could go and look at pictures of someone’s food.