Countdown to a murder

Some of you may not know this, but March 21st 2017 is a very important date.

Forty years ago, on a balmy night in north London, Norwich milkman Lenny Harper murdered the four members of Toten Herzen. The bodies disappeared, Harper confessed, but was charged with wasting police time and let off with a caution. The rest is history. (Sort of!)

4th-block-posterI can’t let the fortieth anniversary of Toten Herzen’s collective murder go without some kind of commemoration, which is why I’ve planned three things.

1 – The new TotenUniverse site will go live. It’s up and running already, so you’re free to go and have a sneaky look by clicking on the poster left.

2 – On Goodreads I’ll be organising a giveaway. A pretty decent giveaway too: a bundle of all five novels of the series so far. We Are Toten Herzen, Malandanti, Who Among Us…, The One Rule of Magic and There Will Be Blood.

3 – And that last title is the new title. There Will Be Blood, the third Toten Herzen novel, will be released on March 21st.

twbb-02-rene-and-ria-promoI could launch the Alien Noise newsletter too, but that depends on it having some subscribers. Signing up is on the TotenUniverse site and opens up access to more exclusive material and offers if anyone’s interested. (Sign up here.)

On the news front, pre-release copies of There Will Be Blood were sent out recently. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens if just one of these recipients mentions the book to anyone. You’ll know if it happens.

Remember the date: Tuesday, 21st March 2017. RIP Toten Herzen. (Click the book cover to learn more.)


2 thoughts on “Countdown to a murder

  1. You’re a busy and industrious bloke. Wish I had your commitment.
    I’ve been trying to work out where I was on March 21 1977, and being a Monday I would have been at work in Barrow shipyard, which rules me out of any involvement. But, curiously, I do know a former milkman from Norwich.

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    1. The full story has yet to be revealed so you may still be implicated. Norwich milkmen are part of a very tangled web.

      As for industry and committment (thank you, by the way), you should see the state of my house. I need to get my priorities sorted.

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