Free but invisible

Untold riches await those who manage to get their book listed ‘perma-free’ on Amazon. But how does anyone find out?

If you click this it’ll take you to the site. Does anyone see it listed free or is the price still applied to it? (It says $3.12 when I look.)

The current way of thinking, when it comes to promoting your book, is free book > newsletter sign up > millions of dollars. But to get the book free involves a degree of blind faith. It’s been about two weeks now since I got an email from Amazon saying We Are Toten Herzen is free, but when I look at it on it isn’t free.

They’re fobbing you off, Harrison. I’d think so too, but the stats at my Kindle author’s page show a steady stream of free downloads. On the book’s page it’s at number 45 000 in the free book store. The free book store only lists the top one hundred free books so unless someone has an app that tells people about titles languishing at the bottom of the free pile who is downloading the book and how are they finding out about it?

I could adopt a glass half full attitude and say that if an invisible book is still being downloaded imagine what will happen if it becomes common knowledge! (free book > newsletter sign up > millions of dollars…)

It’s at times like this when I discover I have no staying power and the patience of a gnat.


16 thoughts on “Free but invisible

  1. I find it almost impossible to translate any promotional device to sales on Amazon. I got my physics/geek book to No. 1 in its category by making it free for a couple of days, but that isn’t saying much… The problem with newsletters is getting people to subscribe – I’ve been pushing mine for a while with very little result. It’s difficult when everybody is shouting with the same tools and the commodity everybody competes for is time.

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      1. My perma-free book gets a steady stream of downloads on Amazon too, but the highest it’s ever climbed in the “free books” ranking is around 10,000. Very few reviews, and not many purchases of the next book in the series. Trouble is, I doubt that charging a price for the first book would change anything for the better. But you’re right — it doesn’t say “free” on the book’s page, so is its free-ness a pleasant surprise for the customer? One thing that might be worth trying is Instafreebie I haven’t tried it yet myself, but the $20US per month option is apparently effective in building an email list. Since you have a newsletter, it might be worth trying; there is a 30 day free period which might serve as a test.

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