On the road.

I’m going to sound like an egomaniac by explaining another bout of absence, not just here but in other places on the web. I always think it sounds a bit weird when an unknown blogger apologises for not blogging, as if the internet has been holding its breath, but I can see where these people are coming from.

I’ve been busy and this is the reason why:


There Will Be Blood will be released on the 21st March 2017.

Bit of an odd date, Harrison. 21st’s a Tuesday. Ah, 21st March 2017 will be the fortieth anniversary of Toten Herzen’s murder. It’s a date I must not let pass without acknowledgement.

So rather than blogging I’ve been proofreading and throwing in some hopeless attempts at comments on other people’s blogs. But the proofing is done, I’ve got time again, I can reappear like a phantom in the night etc etc.

My evil plan for publicity is top secret at the moment, then if it all goes horribly wrong you’ll never know about it.

21st March.

Susan remembered all the notes. Toten Herzen completed a three hour set and the crowd went home. Late night news bulletins wondered if the concert had been cancelled, the calm was so unnerving, almost supernatural as if Purple Bobbie had positioned himself at every exit offering a brisk haroonah to everyone who passed him by. But Buenos Aires slept peacefully and twenty-four hours later Scavinio received confirmation: Mendoza was on.

Mendoza should have known better. The riot broke out at Gate 9 when a fan became separated from his crocodile. He wanted it back; he wanted to take it in with him. (Its name was Hugo and it had a ticket.) Security refused. Bystanders offered to retrieve it. Helping bystanders became a grumpy mob, the grumpy mob turned into an angry crowd and thirty minutes later Hugo had been forgotten, a reptilian catalyst for another night of unrestrained TotenViolence.

The band waited backstage, counting the firecrackers, following the rush of footsteps around the stadium’s perimeter, anticipating another fleet of sirens as the entirety of Mendoza’s riot police swept into action. Two hours passed before a safe corridor could be created for staff to leave the stadium. Once they were gone the real fight began.

(There Will Be Blood – Book 5 of the TotenUniverse)


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