Am I The Only One Who Thinks The Zombie Joke Is Funny?

One thing I don’t like is reading jokes. Gags on paper are never funny for me. Comedy literature is different, but reading ‘this fella went into a bar…’ never raises a smile.

But I’m going to ignore my own rule with this post because there’s no other way of telling you the zombie joke. And when I do tell it no one laughs.

I can’t understand why people don’t laugh. I first heard this joke in, possibly, 1978 or 79, when Tim Stott stopped us outside school and dropped it like a 2000 pounder. Stotty had a way with words and was a natural storyteller. In one playground encounter during a crucial football match he was lambasted for a bad pass. “You try kicking t’soddin ball wi pit boots on.” He said.

Stotty couldn’t have known that on that grey afternoon forty years ago he’d tell a joke that still cracks my sides decades later.

Unlike the deodorant joke from Not the Nine O’Clock News. Told at roughly the same time as the zombie joke, I only got the punchline about thirty years later. Caught by surprise, I laughed out loud and had to leave the newsagents I was in at the time.

Swedish man in chemist shop: ‘Hello, I’d like a deodorant.’

Swedish chemist: ‘Certainly sir. Ball or aerosol?’

Swedish man: ‘Neither. I’d like it for my armpits.’

The joke hung on the Swedish pronunciation of aerosol, which I didn’t twig at the time. Subtlety was not my strong point, which is probably why the zombie joke works so effectively for me. It isn’t subtle. It’s as subtle as one of Stotty’s mis-kicking pit boots. But here it is. If you find it funny you’ll be laughing for the next four and twenty years. If you don’t find it funny I won’t blame you. I won’t understand you either. . . .

A man went into a pub and asked for a pint of lager.
“No,” said the landlord.
“Why not?”
“The zombies will get you.”
“Don’t be daft,” the man said, “give us a pint of lager.”
“No, I’m telling you, zombies will get you.”

The man went out, and found another pub. “Pint of lager, please.”
“Sorry, can’t do that,” said the landlord.
“Zombies will get you.”
“I’ve just heard this at the last pub. Give us a pint of lager.”
“I’m sorry, no. If I do, the zombies will get you.”
“Fine.” And the man walked out.

He found another pub and by now he’d lost his temper.
“Can I have a pint of lager?”
“No. Don’t tell me, the zombies will get me.”
“Well, they will,” said the landlord.
“I’ll take the risk.”
“All right,” said the landlord, “but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He poured the man a pint of lager.

The man drank it, paused a moment and said to the landlord, “There you are. Nothing happened.”

The man put his glass on the table, walked outside and the zombies got him.

17 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Thinks The Zombie Joke Is Funny?

  1. If you like the Zombie joke, here is another one in the same genre I think you might like.

    A man sitting on a bus notices the man sitting next to him has parsley in his ears.
    ‘You have parsely in your ears,’ he said.
    The other didn’t move.
    ‘You have parsley in your ears,’ he said laouder.
    The other didn’t move.
    The man tapped him on the shoulder, and when he turned, he said.
    ‘You have parley in your ears.’
    ‘I can’t hear you,’ he replied. ‘I have parley in my ears.’

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  2. Yes, I got the aerosol joke and I smiled at the zombie joke. The zombie joke reminded me very much of one of Dave Allen’s spooky tales about a traveller who stays for a night in an old hostelry in a German forest. He orders, over the course of the evening, two pints of beer, but before he can lift either to his lips a woodcutter rushes in and cries: “The wolves are coming, the wolves are coming,” so everyone rushes down into the cellar. When they emerge, the traveller’s glass is empty. I don’t need to explain the rest about the third pint, but I can recall Dave Allen’s impish face and subtle Irish lilt to this day: “And the wolves came, ate him up, and drank his beer.”

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  3. This is ordinarily right up my street Chris but I think this might be one of those jokes which is made in the telling… like other bar jokes such as the the big brown bear ordering Budweiser or the piece of string who’s trying to get served even though he’s underage? No? I’ll get my coat.

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  4. After the “aerosol” joke, even with the warning, I was expecting something different. Something I had to decode. When I got to the end, I laughed, primarily because it was so counter to what I was waiting for. It’s just blunt, and inane and de facto that I just cracked. (The long lead up also helps, I think.) So no, you’re not the only one thinking it was funny.

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