Latest Spam no.1

I often read posts and articles about people who are inundated with spam, bothered by scamsters and what have you. Unfortunately for me, the TotenUniverse is such a lonely place even the spammers don’t come by very often.

But occasionally one gets through, like today, so instead of hitting the delete button I thought I’d share the message of this other lonely tosser trying to make a buck (or earn a few quid as the Americans say).

Our anonymous spammer hasn’t left a name, so I can’t thank him. I can say him, because they’re always men. But  here’s his lonely message drifting through the darkness of space:

There are all sorts of different systems we use. That is about four inches longer the old Passat. Firstly, they lost surprisingly to the Jamaicans in Kingston and then barely drew with the Canadians in Edmonton. The entries are limited to 200 people so those who are interested usually book their spot as soon as they know that they would like to be involved.These is really a way of arranging sneaker closet.
Cheap NFL Jerseys China

I’m not sure what the extra four inches on a Volkswagen Passat have got to do with 200 people booking a spot for something in Kingston – if I’ve understood that bit – but if Mr kqhbvemwvdc would like to get in touch via his gmail account to explain I’m sure we’d all be very grateful.

However, the link included in his spam is a real website selling NFL shirts. Unfortunately, because I’m a sadist I’m not going to humour him any further by providing the link here, preferring instead to watch his future business hopes and dreams continue drifting until their desiccated remains are discovered by aliens ten thousand years into the future.

Hopefully, I’ll have more desperate pleas from spammers to come. In fact I might turn off Akismet for a few days and let them come tumbling through the air locks.

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9 thoughts on “Latest Spam no.1

  1. It’s a strange world out there, Chris. I considered venturing out into it to measure a Passat, but it crossed my mind I might get punched for tampering with someone’s car.

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  2. Nice!
    I delight in seeing the spam which apparently comes from Tax Authorities telling me I have a refund. In my working life 25 years were spent in the UK HMIT (aka HMRC), another 17 working with (or against the said)
    One day I will reply to these ‘Authorities’.

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