Poll – How Do You View Social Media?

In recent months the debate has raged about ad blocking software. One of the arguments in favour of blocking ads is that they consume bandwidth and data allowances on smartphone contracts. It got me thinking, how many people view the internet on their phones?

I ask because this blog is ‘image heavy’ and probably quite cumbersome on a smartphone unless an app or preferences are used to turn off images or minimise them in some way. With this in mind can you say how you view the internet?

Which of these devises do you use the most to view social media?


Tablet PC

Laptop/PC at home or work

Some other device (eg quantum holographic media centre)


13 thoughts on “Poll – How Do You View Social Media?

  1. All 3 of the real ways, Chris, but if it’s on my phone, I’ll be viewing blogs through WordPress Reader, which solves the problem for us. But ads are very annoying, and tend to give me a negative opinion of the site, especially if I end up clicking on one by mistake, which gives me rage. That sort of advertising is imbecilic anyway – counting meaningless clicks which have no effect on shifting product – anyone brainless enough to publish them should be tied up and tortured with boyband music.

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    1. Phones seem to offer a totally different internet ‘experience.’ And how does one design for that if images are an important part of a blog’s content? (Rhetorical question.)

      If your torture method becomes policy can I be the first to press the ‘play’ button?

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      1. What, and let you have the fun? No. You can duct tape the headphones to their heads, though.

        I think some people are really good at designing for phones and some aren’t. The only problem is what constitutes ‘good’, though. I saw a banner ad on my phone this morning designed to look like a Facebook menu bar. It was clever, but even more annoying than usual. I would never have clicked on it, but the mere thought of anyone being fooled by it made me want to track the advertisers down and hurt them. They’re the main reason why adblockers are such a great idea.

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  2. I view the internet on all my devices. On my phone, however, I read articles and blogs via dedicated apps–like the WordPress app. It’s great, in that it does a decent job minimizing images to bare-bones sizes and limit traffic at a fairly reasonable level. I typically check my daily bandwidth load and from wordpress it’s minimal. With other sites, I can’t say that’s the norm. Facebook is my main bandwidth hog. Seems everyone loves sharing photos of food, quotes and travels that the site gets little traffic from me. Yet, others don’t mind it–just–not on my phone.

    My laptop is Ad-friendly. I have all the filters up and in place, making it a safe and secure device to browse the internet with little interference with “noise” around the edges.

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  3. I’m mostly a Kindle internet viewer. My lazy ass rarely makes it all the way to the office when looking at pictures of kitties and outrageful comment threads. That said, I *think* I see all of your blog on my Kindle….

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    1. I’ve discovered the sidebars are lost on tablets and everything gets shoved to the bottom. And a lot of people don’t scroll to the bottom so it’s not a good idea to put essential stuff in sidebars. Unless only 5% of the world read blogs on tablets and phones, but who knows.


  4. I mostly view the internet on my laptop, although I check some things on my phone. Phone is a pain for commenting, however. I am, after all, a Fossil.
    As for ads, I’m all for blocking them, especially any that feature blinking, flashing, bouncing and jiggling images — can’t stand ’em!

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    1. On a laptop you should see everything that I can see when I lay out the blog. I find WordPress’s device preview very unreliable (when it shows you a theme as it appears on smaller screens). It always cuts something off.

      Ads are fine so long a they don’t distract or interrupt how you read a web page. When I turn off AdBlocker and No Script the internet becomes unbearable!

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