Yet Another Author Invite

I’ve done this twice before and on both occasions been overwhelmed by the lack of response. All authors need help, a word in the internet’s ear and I don’t like taking without giving. In the past I have laid down a few rules, the intention being to give authors who write ‘outside the box’ a chance to get their work noticed. There obviously aren’t many authors writing outside the box, and I’m still not prepared to allow romances on a blog predominantly themed towards heavy rock, vampirism, black magic and weirdness!

But in spite of previous attempts I’m going to have another go…

Authors, would you like to have a feature here at The Opening Sentence?

My simple rules are as follows:

1 – The work must be complete

2 – It must be available from multiple online sources (no Amazon exclusivity)

3 – It must fit the mood and theme of The Opening Sentence. No romance! No children’s stories.

And it would also help if your book cover doesn’t look like your Uncle Walter designed it for you in Microsoft Paint.

If you’re interested have a look round the blog to see the tone of the articles and if you think your work fits contact me in the first instance via the Contact link at the top. Those selected will go into a schedule of posts over the coming weeks. If you want to see who’s been featured in the past click the Guest Blogs link at the top.

I look forward to hearing from you outside-the-boxers.

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20 thoughts on “Yet Another Author Invite

      1. Sorry to hear, Chris. I don’t think it’s the colour scheme at all, though. I think it has a lot to do with people taking writing seriously as opposed to considering it a hobby. For instance, audiences change based on where they are in life. I’ve had authors who were gung-ho about their blog and writing a year ago who I don’t see anymore–and I’ve been doing this for a long time. People have busy lives. They think, “Oh, hey, that’s a good idea. I should do it.” But then they don’t.

        I don’t know what to tell you. Hang in there. It’s a matter of hitting the right audience at the right time before anything really takes off.

        Kudos, nonetheless!

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  1. Reblogged this on Piss, Coffee, and Vinegar and commented:
    Chris writes vampire stories. Or maybe they’re musical biographies. Or maybe they’re a mixture of the two, with an excellent dash of dry humor and witty voice thrown in…if you write outside the box, this could be a good opportunity for you. Also, Toten Herzen might be my favorite band.

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  2. I’ll reblog for you too. I’ve got a second book coming out in November, but my first one is Amazon exclusive…so I don’t know. Maybe me? Maybe? We can do a swap, if you want–I’ll do you, you can do me.

    I’m funny. I curse frequently. No vampires, but I think we could work something out?

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