Hubble Bubble Double Trouble

You wait ages for a grown-up novel about black magic and two appear at once. Because of logistical issues too complicated to discuss here both Who Among Us… and The One Rule of Magic have been published simultaneously.

Who Among Us… is available now, The One Rule of Magic available for pre-order up to it’s release on Halloween.


6 who among us v1

Disowned by her family and deranged by anger, Jennifer Enzo views the world as a demonic garden, a film script and a list of names to be assassinated. But when she finds her own name on the list she is forced out of her insular world to counter a sinister threat to her life.

Professor Virginia Bruck’s world is divided between her research in artificial intelligence and posing for her husband, the eccentric German artist Earnst Bruck. Suspected of being the source of a destructive rumour she decides to do what her semi-aristocratic family have never done throughout centuries of rumour, and fight back.

Frieda Schoenhofer, a self-made millionaire, is determined to explain the death of a local witch. Police are equally determined to explain a baffling double murder and Frieda becomes their first suspect after the body of a man is found hung above the north door of Bamberg Cathedral.

All three women share a common association: the Malandanti, a four hundred year old network of covens on the brink of collapse following rumours of a plot to kill the leading members. As the conflict intensifies and the familiar world disappears, they will be forced to reassess their own ambitions, confront the nature of guilt and innocence, and question how their beliefs explain the supernatural forces they each control.

Available from Smashwords – here

And Amazon here (select your own national Amazon page) – UK   US   CAN   AUS

The book will be available from other outlets over the next few days.


8 the one rule of magic v1Frieda Schoenhofer is dead, murdered in Rotterdam. For her grief-stricken parents the true story of their daughter’s life is about to begin.

Her father, slowly demolishing the world around him, tries to eradicate painful memories by throwing out his lifelong collection of film memorabilia. Her mother is convinced Frieda has been reincarnated as a new born foal.

But Frieda isn’t dead. She is travelling Europe hoping to rescue her father’s discarded collection. A journey of redemption that takes her to Nice, Prague, Turin and Vienna, where she meets a crooked dealer in antique silverware, joins a funeral party full of mourners who can’t stop laughing, falls in love with a beautiful marionette, and discovers a plan to destroy the legacy of Mozart.

The One Rule of Magic explores Frieda’s attempts to make amends for the crimes of her old life, come to terms with what she has become, and prepare her parents for the bizarre truth surrounding their daughter’s disappearance.

Pre-order from Smashwords – here

Pre-order from Amazon (select your own national Amazon page) – UK   US   CAN   AUS   FR   DE   NL   IT   ES   JAP   MEX   BRAZ   IN

*Those of you who have kindly offered to preview The One Rule of Magic will be receiving your advanced copy in the next few hours. If anyone else would like a preview copy do let me know.

“… My father always told me the joy is the mystery, not the solution. Enjoy the mystery, Gert. Welcome to the real world.”


7 thoughts on “Hubble Bubble Double Trouble

        1. My thinking was, why be ignored by 300 million book readers when you can be ignored by 40 agents instead. Self-publishing is depressing enough as it is; I prefer my disappointments a little less strenuous these days!

          By the way, did you have a good holiday?

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