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An inexplicable double murder in Bamberg leaves police and Interpol baffled. Their only clue, the Sigil of Lucifer carved into the forehead of one of the victims. Their only suspect, Frieda Schoenhofer, a local businesswoman and member of the Malandanti: a three hundred year old network of covens.

Neither the police nor Frieda are prepared for a destructive rumour that tears the Malandanti apart. As two factions go head to head, two women are drawn into a lethal game of hide and seek. Virginia Bruck, Professor of artificial intelligence at Wurzburg University has the technology of her research and support of her coven to track down the Malandanti’s enemy. But facing her is the crazed and cunning Jennifer Enzo, the disowned daughter of a family of Italian magnates, raised by her grandmother – a contemporary of Aleister Crowley.

Enzo will lead a group of killers in a search for the names of the Malandanti leadership. Avoiding the increasing attentions of a tenacious Interpol investigator and a resurgent Malandanti, her path will lead to a dangerous 15th century grimoire and a request for help from the Devil himself.

‘Screamed and danced, screamed and danced,
Charred body and demon danced
until he could scream and dance no more
and his ashes mixed with the forest floor.’

Jennifer Enzo

satan 02 -

Die Sterne vergehen
Und fallen mit dir
Aus dem Mantel der Nacht
Es tut gut dich zu spüren
Und bei dir zu sein
An diesem schönen Tag

Der Graf

klontal 04 - Kloentalersee

Late night you party until it’s light
while pointing at the sky
wash your hands in the lake of your blood
just before you die

Children of Bodom

“I’m sorry, who are you?”
“Who am I? I’m the end of the world.”


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