Clean Reader app Update

Apparently, the Clean Reader app (you know the one that changes words like bum to something  less inflammatory like baby peaches) has been well and truly caned by authors everywhere. So much so that Clean Reader has removed all novels from its catalogue.

And one or two people have raised some interesting legal points, notably The Society of Authors, which raised the issue of false attribution, ie attributing an author’s name to a work they haven’t authored (in that, the author has not made the changes to the text inside the book, but still carries his or her name on the cover).

Foul mouthed authors everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Joanne Harris, who appeared to be the first author to kick off about this intrusion into literary authenticity. The fallout from her blog post led to a revolt from the likes of Charlie Stross and Margaret Atwood.

No doubt something similar will come creeping back once the fuss has died down, but in the meantime there is an escape from the puritanical poking their [bottoms] where they’re not wanted.

You can read a full article about the app and Harris’s reaction to it here. The Guardian website.

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