Toten Herzen at Eurovision?

Official statement from Alien Noise Corporation.

Rotterdam, March 9th

Toten Herzen will not be performing at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Austria. Reports that the band would be representing Azerbaijan are incorrect and malicious.

Susan Bekker, speaking from Sao Paulo where the band are on world tour, described the rumours as vicious and vindictive. “The whole rumour thing has got out of hand and we think we know where it’s coming from.”

The first report, which appeared on Twitter at the end of February, suggested the Azerbaijan state broadcaster had selected and then dropped Toten Herzen. “They submitted a song which was eight and a half minutes long. The rules of the contest limit the songs to three minutes.” A week later a second statement was issued saying the band were dropped because of comments made by Dee Vincent in an interview for Armenian music magazine Schnapps.

“Azerbaijan, land of fire. More like land of prickly heat,” Vincent was quoted as saying. “I’d rather suffer from shingles than live in Baku.”

The Twitter account was traced back to an IP address in Russia where Toten Herzen rival band There Will Be Blood are based. Yesterday, rumours began circulating linking TWBB to Belarus’s appearance at Eurovison.

Minsk was quick to respond however. A statement from the Communist totalitarian regime said “There Will Be Blood? We’ve never heard of them.”

Before denying the reports Toten Herzen were favourites to win the contest with Betfred offering 3-4 on for victory. Australia are now favourites at 4-1 ahead of the Isle of Man making their first appearance at Eurovision since 1903.

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