Jo doesn’t have whining music ten minutes from the end. But Jo is an ex-alcoholic drug user with marital issues. Dead wife, drugged up daughter and he’s a cop in a parallel universe Paris.

Jo isn’t a science fiction cop show though. For some reason he seems to be the only French person in Paris. His police colleagues are either North American or Irish with fake North American accents. WTF? I had assumed this was a French Canadian production, but apart from the series creator Rene Balcer the production credits are a rag bag of French, Belgian and Italian companies. Balcer is responsible for Law and Order, which probably explains all the formulaic cliche on offer here.

jo2The best way to watch Jo is to treat it as a guide to Paris and remember which places to avoid next time you go there. The problem for Jo is that the Scandinavians have set an extraordinarily high benchmark when it comes to European detective series. The Killing was losing steam, but The Bridge took up the baton. Jo simply reworks the old pattern with a haggard French accent.

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