There Will Be Blood

3 there will be blood - v1

The third outing in the Totenseries. And a major surprise in store.

Finally out of the studio the band are ready to go on the road, prepare for the world premiere of the film and sort out Rob Wallet. They think they have the world eating out of their pale white hands until . . .

A Russian svengali has big plans for his own band: There Will Be Blood. More shocking, more outrageous, more depraved than Toten Herzen. The wedding party circuit beckons as the band look set to become a pastiche of themselves.

In the south of France, an ostracised Rob Wallet teams up with three ex-pat English ghostbusters. And are they delighted when their equipment lights up every time Wallet goes with them on a mission?

Throw into the mix a serious Interpol investigation into the band’s links to a string of historical murders (the list goes on and on), only Raven’s interference can save them. But then she discovers something unusual about Rob Wallet, discovery that forces him into doing the ultimate deal with her.

There Will Be Blood is a sordid tale of deception and identity in the long tradition of Toten Herzen’s dark paranormal humour. The Gwando Awards will never recover.


Publication date 2016


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