MetalMonth – Nemesea

Someone in Nemesea will be pleased to know I’ve still got two hands. Then again, they might not. In 2012 I said if there was a better album than The Quiet Resistance released that year I’d eat my own hands. Someone in the band was looking forward to the outcome of that promise.

So, two handed, I write this post dedicated to a Dutch band who defy conventions and mix electronica with intense guitar arrangements to create a much-needed variation on rock in the 21st century. Behind the scenes they are tech savvy, utilising crowd funding and social media in such a way it makes me feel like I’m nine million years old. Expect their next album to be released exclusively on Google Glass!

If you’ve never heard Nemesea don’t go thinking they’re a latter day Roxette. All pop and no punch. Listen to any track on TQR and you’ll hear sub-bass powerchords as heavy as anything outside thrash metal. These days it’s simply not acceptable to hear anything else on a hard rock album, even one as creative as TQR.

But it wasn’t always like this. The five piece from Groningen in Holland released their first album during a tidal wave of symphonic stuff washing across the hard rock world. Their second album swung way over to the electronic, before TQR swung back and stopped in just the right place. Imagination mixed with sonic energy and Manda Ophuis’s vocals pushing and pulling the limits of emotion.

It’s hard to recommend one song by Nemesea because you’ll land on something that doesn’t represent the totality of their output, so you need to spread your bets and listen to the three songs featured in this article.

I discovered The Quiet Resistance in early 2012. With the threat of redundancy hanging over me at work I was out every morning in icy conditions carrying out surveys, then back to the car and a hot drink with TQR playing on the stereo. (See, old tech, none of your bluetooth ipod docking systems in my ’98 Mazda.) It got me through the day. Perked me up.

They might do the same to you. Go and support them and then go and say hello on social media. They always reply. Just don’t promise to eat your own body parts. One of them seems to like that sort of thing.



3 thoughts on “MetalMonth – Nemesea

  1. That Afterlife video is so good. I’m not sure what is better, the music or the imagery. Love how it all starts in the mirror and how she downs the shot. Like I said, the imagery is great!


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