The Author Hot Seat with Chris Harrison

Jane Dougherty Writes

Chris Harrison is my last guest (appropriately enough) in this second round of The Author Hot Seat. On the face of it, Chris’s books sound…weird. Funnily enough though, I can immediately think of at least one person who would enjoy them. Are you listening Jane Risden? Read what Chris has to say and see if you end up as intrigued as I am.


J: Tell us what the story/your work is about, the setting, the background, and where it takes the reader.

C: The story is called Toten Herzen Malandanti. Toten Herzen are a rock band murdered in 1977, but thirty five years later a down-at-heel music journalist called Rob Wallet investigates the murders and discovers the band are still alive.

He persuades them to make a comeback and in TH Malandanti they’re in the studio to record their comeback album. The first since 1976.

The conceit of the Toten…

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